New Innovative Eco-Responsible Real Estate Product

July 2020


Our world is changing and we must adapt to the new chalenges that loom on the horizon: Climate change, urban traffic jams, telecommuting, food crisis, health crises, loss of cultural identity, just to name a few. The living environment of modern families is most impacted by these challenges.
Increasing urban density remains one of the solutions for reduction of our carbon footprint, limiting the urban sprawl of the suburbs and shortening the commuting time to work. It also enriches the cultural and educational life.


Montreal Our product is a modular multi-residential system that stands out for its originals characteristics. It meets the needs of modern families by merging the comfort of the suburban life with the richness of urban lifestyle. Built in an urban setting, it features the advantages of a single-family house such as autonomy, indiiduality, generous natural lighting, green and well-protected outdoor space, autonomous and sustainable electromechanical systems. It's an optimal and socially responsible concept.

This product outperforms all comparable products on the market and far exceeds any other competitive product in terms of cost/benefit. It increases the usable space by approximately 15% and eliminates common corridors. Additionally, the unique engineering concept makes it possible to optimize prefabrication and thus significantly reduce construction costs and time. This is a flexible and adaptable system, it can be configured for any site and according to any municipal regulations in all Canadian urban areas.


Montreal Moreover, our product is a direct response to the new constrains of community living, working or teleworking in urban environments and is entirely consistent with the collective awarness raised by the recent pandemic.

In summary, this is a post-contemporary product, designed to meet the needs of families. It is also aimed at investors looking for a profitable, high investment return opportunity.


Vianney Bélanger


Immobilier Commercial Montreal

Rethinking urban housing

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